European Lead Factory compound library

Strengthening of a unique and diverse collection of compounds

In 2019, the European Lead Factory (ELF) established the current compound library, the ESCulab Compound Collection (ECC). The collection evolved from the Joint European Compound Library (JECL), which includes compounds from the Public Compound Collection (PCC) and participating large pharmaceutical companies. Two new partners, Grünenthal and Institut de Recherche Servier, have also added compounds to the ECC, making the collection even more robust.

To date, about 300,000 compounds from the original pharmaceutical companies have been added to the ECC, along with almost 190,000 compounds from the PCC. Furthermore, Grünenthal and Institut de Recherche Servier have provided the ECC with around 50,000 new compounds not previously available to the European Lead Factory. This collaboration has resulted in a total of approximately 535,000 compounds currently available for screening in the ECC.

Compounds from partners were selected for inclusion in the library based on several important quality criteria, as well as on the prerequisite that they are unique and not commercially available. Efforts were also taken to increase diversity, resulting in a top-quality compound library.

Drug targets selected by the European Lead Factory are screened against all compounds available in the compound library. Screening Centres within the ELF Consortium are given access to the compound library without requiring the disclosure of a compound structure. This approach guarantees confidentiality and allows a wide range of proprietary compounds to be screened against potential drug targets.

The compound library forms the core of the European Lead Factory. It contains a diverse range of unique and high-quality compounds that are synthetically controlled and make excellent starting points for drug discovery projects. An analysis such as previously performed and published by Besnard et al. on the JECL is currently ongoing for the ECC and will be made available once ready.