Drug target or screening programme proposers: what's in it for you?

High quality hits for your drug target! And if you want to, opportunities to collaborate with eight major pharma companies in developing these compounds further. Or if you prefer to progress the ideas on your own: a data package that will facilitate applications for further grants. 

Any European researcher from academia or small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a potential drug target and associated screening assay can apply to access the EU Lead Factory. Successful applicants gain access to an industry standard drug discovery platform in the hunt for new compounds to progress their research or to develop into new drugs.  All screening costs are covered by IMI funding. You will become an integral member of the highly specialised drug discovery team, enabled by access to cutting edge facilities:

  • Ultra-high throughput screening (uHTS) at no upfront costs against the European Lead Factory compound library; a unique compound library of more than 550,000, whereof 300,000 are compounds selected from the screening collections of eight major European pharma companies and rapidly expanded through the EU Lead Factory’s synthetic chemistry campaign.
  • All experimental work will be performed for you by the consortium partners at the European Screening Centre and funded by IMI2 JU. Your scientific input and expertise is essential to tailor the screening and follow-up activities.
  • You will receive a Qualified Hit List (QHL) of up to 50 compounds together with a detailed report of all related results.
  • The programme will be designed to maximise the potential to progress your research and reach your goals (e.g. funding, partnerships, etc).
  • You will receive exclusive access rights for 3 years to exploit the screening results after receiving your QHL. The QHL report includes the structures, chemical properties and all biological data of the compounds. Furthermore, it will include resynthesis of the most promising hits. If possible, physical samples of hit compounds will be made available, so you can start your follow-up experiments directly.
  • You are free to decide how to advance your results, for example by direct exploitation and/or research use. Please note that publication of results is subject to an option right for licensing granted to EFPIA Participants and to the publication policy of the European Lead Factory.
  • At your discretion, at any point in time within the 3-year exclusivity period, you have the opportunity to start partnering discussions with the EFPIA participants of the European Lead Factory.




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